About the project An Audiovisual Approach to sollozo por pedro jara - estructuras para una elegía (1978):


June 26, 2016


Efraín Jara Idrovo (Cuenca, EC, 1926) finished this work in 1978. The poet started working on this elegy for his son Pedro Jara after his suicide in 1974, at age 16. This is one of the most expressive poems I discovered thanks to Prof. Álvaro Alemán in April 2014.







​Jara Idrovo's approach to structure, rhythm and sound in this piece is unique. This work is divided into five series and each series consists of three parts. Inspired by its musicality/resemblance to musical compositional approaches, I started working in November 2015 on an audiovisual frame for this piece as part of my M.Mus. thesis. The project consisted, initially, in writing music inspired on the emotional content and avant-garde structure of this elegy and trying to find creative approaches to translate or adapt this poetic work into a composition for electric guitar. This is the "musical" element of the frame I wanted to provide for this poetry.

More information about the compositional process is available here.


In the end, these five resulting pieces are now part of five audiovisuals, which include the recitation of the poem, audio and footage editing that supports the emotional environment and English subtitles based on a translation by Dr. Cecilia Mafla Bustamante.

The purpose of my project is to make this elegy available in other "formats" and, therefore, hopefully, reach a broader audience for this beautiful poem.






For anybody interested in this elegy, I would like to share the following documents, which are available online. This is a compilation from sources cited below:

Purpose and reading instructions stated by the author (in Spanish) (screenshots of El mundo de las evidencias (1984)  by Efraín Jara Idrovo available for partial preview in Google Books): Propósitos e instrucciones

Poem (in Spanish) (corrections made on online versions): sollozo por pedro jara – estructuras para una elegía​

English translation by Dr. Cecilia Mafla Bustamante: Weeping for Pedro Jara – Structures for an Elegy


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Further research:


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